Greg Mills Showroom


  • Sensi Studio Ecuador: handmade hats in the authentic “Panama hat” tradition from one of the last 8 remaining places in Ecuador where this tradition continues…. It is the hat that Teddy Roosevelt made famous.
  • Rosa Mosa – shoes and accessories for men and women all hand made in Austria in the most beautiful and special materials.
  • MUUÑ – designed in Paris and handmade in Ghana, Africa, MUUÑ is a collection of bags ranging from incredible handwoven pieces of every size and shape to Deerskin bags as well as a Home Collection.
  • Osanna Visconti – Sterling silver jewelry handmade in Milan, designed by Osanna Visconti di Modrone. Organic shapes and clean lines with a modern edge, beautifully made.
  • Judyth VanAmringe – the artist and interior designer has done a collection of handmade, on-of-a-kind jewels in varied medium…. handblown glass, handmade sterling silver on leather, antique and rare beads shaped into necklaces and cuffs…amazing and truly special.